Kessler Effect – Be Free

Over the Summer of 2022 I made this video along with the Kessler Effect lads to promote their song Be Free from their 2022 studio EP Kepler.

Kessler Effect are a Progressive Rock group from Donegal, Ireland that have been described in the past as a similar vein to that of King Crimson and Dream Theater, although Collisions and this song in particular take a slightly different direction – leaning into a bit more of a Beatles feel.

I went with the guys to the Balor Theatre in Ballybofey and helped them to film the entire launch gig for this EP, which forms the performance part of the video. It was shot with a combination of DSLR, bridge and GoPro cameras. Then we filmed the scripted parts at top secret locations around Donegal, using a Canon DSLR and an iPhone. The editing and post-production was all done using DaVinci Resolve.

The audio of launch gig for Kepler was also recorded and is now available for streaming as a fantastic live album.

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